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Artists and Their Declarations (or Let, Get, Set)

In artists, inspirational on February 12, 2013 at 1:00 am

Art knows your thoughts. The foundation of art is a revelation from the imagination.  In other words, a work of art didn’t exist until you brought it forth. Your artwork is original to all humanity. You gave art your voice. Your creative expression was a declaration from your imagination. Your heart drove you to create it. If you didn’t create it then perhaps you would’ve died. You birth art.

Art is alive and has the chance to affect your legacy. Your creative expressions will surpass your life. Your artistic endeavors are a tangible legacy. Your art is like a word spoken into reality. God created by using a word. He spoke the word “let”.

Art has authority over reality. It gathers earthly elements and forms an admirable object of expression. With your intention, art can transform aspects of reality into a self-exposed statement. Art is similar to the creation story.

Let – “Let” means giving reality permission to do what i tell it to do. 

When God spoke, “Let there be light,” He was giving reality permission to do what He told it to do. Let me say it again: He gave reality permission to do what He told it to do. Even so, what motivated the “let” to be spoken in the first place? The “let” was motivated by love. Scripture tells us God is love. Love motivated the declaration of “let”. Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors as ourself. First we have to love ourself. Jesus makes it easy for us to love ourself. There’s no guilt, shame, sin, sorrow with Jesus. He makes it easy for us to say “i love me”. He makes it easy for us to forgive our regrets and selfish ways. When you love yourself you allow “let” to flourish. You create authority over your life with love. Your declarations then alter reality. This leads to us getting what we declare.

Why do we get what we declare?

Get – “Get” receives from reality what it became after reality obeyed.

After God released the word “let” from His interior into the exterior… after He spoke it, He expected  what would follow. God knew He would receive what He declared. God declared, “Let there be light, and there was light.” It’s that simple. God got, because He expected to get. You get the benefits of declaring love into reality. We’re made in the image of God. We’re not God. But He fashioned us to reflect His personality. Seek His love. Part of His personality is to disperse love. Declaring an act with expectation to receive the act is just wanting to get what you hope for. Therefore i say, “get” receives from reality what it became after reality obeyed. A declaration means reality is penetrated by a new sound. Airwaves of love shock reality, and realign purpose. What you declare gets catapulted into the unseen. In the unseen, a shift takes place and reality begins to crack open like a seed. The love poured through a declaration bursts through the shell of the seed. Since reality can’t resist the growth, or the birth, of new fruit, then one can conclude that reality obeys. So we receive from reality what it became, which is a new reality. Our future changes. Don’t let the evil one take away your reality by keeping you quiet. Don’t allow the enemy to stifle your creative expressions – which are declarations!

How can we set something into motion?

Set – “Set” is permanently placing reality on course.

We all know that declaring something in your life will have an everlasting impact. You declare a word. Reality then conforms to the word you declared. This is why you become what you declare. It’s your authority over reality through the power of Jesus – the living Word – that makes this possible. It’s not so much you change yourself. That’s Jesus’ job. Jesus changes us. We conform to the image of Christ – seeking God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. It’s that reality changes. This is the power we’ve been given by being created in God’s image. After we get from reality what’s been declared then we have set a new future. Therefore i say, “set” is permanently placing reality on course. We set into motion what was meant to be. We set into motion prosperity, righteousness. We set into motion a deeper intimacy with Father God. We become transfixed on Jesus. We crave Holy Spirit – God’s presence. Set is the completion of our full authority. It’s sort of like healing the unseen future. A declaration is like resetting a broken bone into the distant reality. It’s a healing. This means better health. This means achieving one’s full potential as an artist – as a creative being. The more you permanently place reality on course the closer you’ll come to a literal “pure imagination.” Yes your love will achieve new heights. But as artists, so will how we think about art, what we’ll create, what we’ll dare to create, what we’ll risk to express our love both to God and humanity. Now go and be the artist you were created to be!

i thought of this revelation on Sunday, Feb. 10th, 2013, while at In-&-Out Burgers and Fries with friends. Thanks Holy Spirit.