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Live to Outlive Your Name

In book, Paul J. Matta on May 9, 2012 at 6:10 pm

i just completed a book entitled: “What Were They Thinking?”.  i’d like to say that i had no intention of ever writing a book about the imagination of God, Adam, Eve and Jesus until i started writing it. Does that make any sense? As of now, it’s not going to be published. Would i like it too? Of course. It’s a special kind of book though – i categorize it “theological-philosophical fiction”. And let me tell you it will inspire your creative senses!

Family and friends have been asking me how long it took me to write it. And i really don’t know how to answer this. In a literal sense, i slammed down 75% of all the words to it in October 2011. From then until the end of April 2012, i tweaked it, did lots of rewriting and currently have 40,864 words (subject to change).

What Lessons Did i Learn From The Writing Process:

The best lesson i learned from writing about this book, aside from the way i think, is “SEEK AND YOU’LL FIND”. There were many times when i painted myself into a corner. i’d pray to God to help me out of those predicaments. Many times, the answers to these prayers led me to books, new authors, past authors and to the space in between scripture. New revelations and insights were given to me about scriptures that i’d read a million times. i pressed on until i could finally use the paint around me to create a visual image. Then i’d translate my imaginings into words.

What Music Did i Listen To While Writing:

i only listened to Jesus Culture Band. There was never a moment when writing this book that i listened to any other music; or at least to music that inspired writing. i tried to listen to my favorites: Bob Dylan, Radiohead, etc. But they just didn’t inspire the words.

Why Did i Write This Book If Not For A Publishing Deal:

i wrote it for artists. i want artists to know where the heritage of the imagination came from. i’m strictly speaking of artists as image bearers of God. i invested countless hours of research, prayer and sitting behind the laptop to come up with – what i think is – a cohesive message about why God gave the imagination to us. We can learn a ton about this from Adam and Eve and the first three chapters of Genesis. There is a lesson in my book. It’s message drove me to sacrifice sleep for the sake of writing. The more i came across other Creatives during research, i.e. George MacDonald, Francis Schaffer, etc., the more i was inspired to write on this most unusual topic. i had to write because i was inspired to write. Other artists fueled my mind and so i couldn’t waste the gasoline on an idle engine. If there’s fuel for the imagination then i must access the creative process. i must travel into new revelations. i created a work of art. i further believe art is made to inspire. i write to inspire other Creatives. i had to write it. i feel like i didn’t have a choice.

Do i Plan On Writing Other Books:

i already have two more books in the works. Like this one, these books to come will be written to inspire the imagination of believers and of course of the artist. Overall, i’m an artist’s artist. i can’t relate to everyone, but those whom i will relate to are artists. i believe they understand me and that i understand them. We understand each other and the power of art. Time can only stop me from writing. But Time can’t stop others from reading what i wrote. Written words, and art in general stay behind us as we enter the great beyond. i refuse to die with any ideas in my head. i hope you do too. Remember, “Live to outlive your name.”