Eternal Poet

Contagious Imagination

In Imagination on June 30, 2012 at 4:39 pm

Because we imagine, we’re able to create. It’s from this life of active images that we become imagining beings. And as imagining beings our imagination leads to one thing. In his book, The Poetics of Space, French philosopher Gaston Bachelard tells us what that one thing is:

In analyzing images of immensity, we should realize within ourselves the pure being of pure imagination. It then becomes clear that works of art are the by-products of this existentialism of the imagining being. (p184)

Art is the result. We could say it’s fruit from imagining beings. Art is what makes us special from all other living beings. Through it imaginations become contagious. History has been altered on many occasions due to the implementation of contagious imaginations.

What if we cemented all humanity’s imaginations together for a task? What if the collective creativity in humanity came together at one time to glorify God? What state of life would we live? Perhaps a portion of heaven on earth?

What else would spread from a collective imagination of believers? How much exponentially would our contagion become if we all produced art for God in our generation? The outcome would be contagious imaginations glorifying God in ways we never dreamed. i’m certain it would usher in Christ’s return.


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