Eternal Poet

Imagination is a Canvas for God

In Imagination on May 9, 2012 at 3:25 am

We daily encounter decisions and each decision has an alternative reality. The path we choose can make or break us. That’s why it’s important to use the versatility of the imagination. It’s great to use it as a pathway to release creativity, but it’s even better to use it as a gateway into righteous living. In short, it places our feet near a threshold to avoid rash decisions. The imagination is a tool to holiness. It’s an extension of God. A sermon by revivalist Bill Johnson tells how our imagination is God’s literal canvas:

Your mind is a gift from God, to reflect, mirror, catch the thoughts, the ambitions, the imaginations of God himself. Every artist starts with a clean canvas. And your mind was created to be the canvas that God paints on. (Podcast: “See, Hear, Remember” 11/10/2011)

The sad part is that most of us are tuned out to the pictures God paints on our mind. Most Christians don’t even get as far as a smudge of color on their canvas. And others get a few brush strokes and automatically assume they have the right answer instead of waiting for the full picture from God.


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