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It’s okay for a Christian to be famous. The Holy Spirt doesn’t set the boundaries of fame but starts those boundaries. You must steward those boundaries as they expand. The boundaries of fame are entrusted to you. Fame is worship to God or mankind.

In the words of David Bowie:

Fame, it’s not your brain, it’s just the flame
That burns your change to keep you insane

The Holy Spirit gives you a head-start by giving you a wide audience. This is reward for years of work. Your diligence pays off. But it’s up to you to either advance fame or deface it. This is your choice. In order to attain a “fame” status, an artist must have expressed oneself through a creation, such as a painting, sculpture, dance, etc. You may have recorded an awesome YouTube vid. An investment from mind to matter is always deliberate. Creating takes intention. It takes time and energy to create. Art means the artist invited fame into their life. That invitation initiates fame. And what you’ve created may provide you name recognition. But a pure heart passes the recognition up to the Creative Father. So whenever you create something you take the risk to live side-by-side with fame.

After the Holy Spirit opens the floodgates to fame, some artists instinctively kill it. Almost as if they’re behind a door waiting for it to enter so they can ambush it. You’ve heard the parable of the talents. You can read it on your own starting in Matthew 25:14-30. Matthew 25:29 states, “For anyone who has will be given more, and [they] will have an abundance.”

My point is that some “humble” artists bury their talent among other Christians. They use believers as a garden. Such artists plant themselves like a seed among a familiar audience and never water themselves to see how far they can grow outside of what they can see. The growth would be considered the expansion of fame throughout all the earth.

A seed grows with water. Revivartists may call for the Holy Spirit to rain down. But while it’s pouring, these artists cover who they truly are. And they protect the part of themselves that would allows fame nourishment. Rainwater only supplements the area it lands on. In other words, “false humility” is an intentional denial of fame. You’ve been given the strength and freedom to drag your land (your fame) underneath the spots where it’s raining. Again, Matthew 25:29 states, “For anyone who has will be given more, and [they] will have an abundance.”

Fame is a natural step in the process of advancing the kingdom. And fame has no boundaries. After the Holy Spirit sets you up with fame, then you should be willing to honor the fame deposited to you and master it throughout your lifetime.

There are 3 reasons why you may not obtain fame:

1. SCARED OF FAME – You may worry about being lured into a life of drugs, sex, etc. Fame doesn’t pull people into those areas. People pull people into those areas. If your identity isn’t established in the freedom of Christ then you’ll be swayed to “try” things. Fear lies to hearts. With much fame comes more responsibility as well as more vulnerability. You can tackle this. Still, fame is a stop sign for many worriers and not warriors.

2. “FAME IS UNSATISFYING” – You may have reached a famous status. And you may have said, “This life isn’t for me. It’s unsatisfying.” Who are you to stop a good thing? Your success isn’t because you’re chasing fame but because you’re doing what you were created to do. And people like what you do. If millions of people like what you do, it means you’re meeting their needs. Better for your kingdom-inspired art to meet their needs than a lie/substitute/imitation. As soon as you deny fame, then it will deny you. If you’re willing to fully express your identity on earth, then you must be willing to take yourself to the ends of the earth. Fame is unsatisfying if you’re focused on it. But if you’re focused on the Great Commission, then your satisfaction will come from advancing the kingdom! And yes, like Jesus, you will grow in favor with God and people.

3. FAME IS BAD – Returning fame to God isn’t an offering. Giving up fame isn’t the burnt sacrifice He wants from you. Fame should increase as you move from glory to glory. The “humble” artist may say, “The Holy Spirit is my advertiser, promoter, manager, and He’ll speak to the hearts that need my art.” And such an artist doesn’t promote themselves among people. Although this holds some truth, you should fully honor His initial introduction of you to the masses. Know that “honoring” isn’t the same as “pursuing”. You embrace God’s grace when honoring the fame you’ve been given. Pursuing fame means abusing your gift. It means offering your talent in exchange for other benefits.  The words from Matthew 25, “given more,” is a natural law for God. He will give more. More from Matthew 25, “[They] will have an abundance,” is a promise. No artist can stop God from giving a promise or keeping His word. However, every receiver has the right to abandon the abundance. In this case, it’s fame. This return would be an act of self-fame sabotage.

Fame provides a platform for exposure. Lots of people will accept you and who you represent. Yet, just as many will despise who you are and who you represent and re-present. Overall, it’s okay to be famous.

[i was inspired to write this during Pre-Service Prayer on Sunday, Sept. 29th at Bethel Church in Redding, CA]


Artists and Their Declarations (or Let, Get, Set)

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Art knows your thoughts. The foundation of art is a revelation from the imagination.  In other words, a work of art didn’t exist until you brought it forth. Your artwork is original to all humanity. You gave art your voice. Your creative expression was a declaration from your imagination. Your heart drove you to create it. If you didn’t create it then perhaps you would’ve died. You birth art.

Art is alive and has the chance to affect your legacy. Your creative expressions will surpass your life. Your artistic endeavors are a tangible legacy. Your art is like a word spoken into reality. God created by using a word. He spoke the word “let”.

Art has authority over reality. It gathers earthly elements and forms an admirable object of expression. With your intention, art can transform aspects of reality into a self-exposed statement. Art is similar to the creation story.

Let – “Let” means giving reality permission to do what i tell it to do. 

When God spoke, “Let there be light,” He was giving reality permission to do what He told it to do. Let me say it again: He gave reality permission to do what He told it to do. Even so, what motivated the “let” to be spoken in the first place? The “let” was motivated by love. Scripture tells us God is love. Love motivated the declaration of “let”. Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors as ourself. First we have to love ourself. Jesus makes it easy for us to love ourself. There’s no guilt, shame, sin, sorrow with Jesus. He makes it easy for us to say “i love me”. He makes it easy for us to forgive our regrets and selfish ways. When you love yourself you allow “let” to flourish. You create authority over your life with love. Your declarations then alter reality. This leads to us getting what we declare.

Why do we get what we declare?

Get – “Get” receives from reality what it became after reality obeyed.

After God released the word “let” from His interior into the exterior… after He spoke it, He expected  what would follow. God knew He would receive what He declared. God declared, “Let there be light, and there was light.” It’s that simple. God got, because He expected to get. You get the benefits of declaring love into reality. We’re made in the image of God. We’re not God. But He fashioned us to reflect His personality. Seek His love. Part of His personality is to disperse love. Declaring an act with expectation to receive the act is just wanting to get what you hope for. Therefore i say, “get” receives from reality what it became after reality obeyed. A declaration means reality is penetrated by a new sound. Airwaves of love shock reality, and realign purpose. What you declare gets catapulted into the unseen. In the unseen, a shift takes place and reality begins to crack open like a seed. The love poured through a declaration bursts through the shell of the seed. Since reality can’t resist the growth, or the birth, of new fruit, then one can conclude that reality obeys. So we receive from reality what it became, which is a new reality. Our future changes. Don’t let the evil one take away your reality by keeping you quiet. Don’t allow the enemy to stifle your creative expressions – which are declarations!

How can we set something into motion?

Set – “Set” is permanently placing reality on course.

We all know that declaring something in your life will have an everlasting impact. You declare a word. Reality then conforms to the word you declared. This is why you become what you declare. It’s your authority over reality through the power of Jesus – the living Word – that makes this possible. It’s not so much you change yourself. That’s Jesus’ job. Jesus changes us. We conform to the image of Christ – seeking God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. It’s that reality changes. This is the power we’ve been given by being created in God’s image. After we get from reality what’s been declared then we have set a new future. Therefore i say, “set” is permanently placing reality on course. We set into motion what was meant to be. We set into motion prosperity, righteousness. We set into motion a deeper intimacy with Father God. We become transfixed on Jesus. We crave Holy Spirit – God’s presence. Set is the completion of our full authority. It’s sort of like healing the unseen future. A declaration is like resetting a broken bone into the distant reality. It’s a healing. This means better health. This means achieving one’s full potential as an artist – as a creative being. The more you permanently place reality on course the closer you’ll come to a literal “pure imagination.” Yes your love will achieve new heights. But as artists, so will how we think about art, what we’ll create, what we’ll dare to create, what we’ll risk to express our love both to God and humanity. Now go and be the artist you were created to be!

i thought of this revelation on Sunday, Feb. 10th, 2013, while at In-&-Out Burgers and Fries with friends. Thanks Holy Spirit.

Artistic Identity

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You don’t have to know everything about art to be an artist. You just have to use what you like about it to create more of it.

It’s not humanely possible to admire every work of art since the beginning of time. You’re never going to watch every movie ever produced. Nor will you view every single painting ever made. You’re cannot read the complete works of every poet from every country. The same with the novel. You can’t physically do it in one lifetime.

Each year you come face to face with particular works of art and not every art piece. Have you ever wondered why?

Let’s begin with the observation aspect. You’ll observe a certain amount of the world’s art within your lifetime.  Yes, you are limited to enjoying artistic expressions. But i believe it is not an accident for you to encounter the art you encounter. i believe God has a hand in leading you to particular artistic expressions and not “all” art.

God wants you to reach the fullness of who you are. So He introduces you to art that will enhance your identity. God knows what’s best to inspire your expression and increase obsession for Him.

Let’s say a person dies having only watched one movie in their lifetime. That one movie was the only movie they were destined to watch. It was destined to shape their identity. Life cannot be life without engaging art. This process may be called Predestined Art. But it is not the same as predestination.

Artistic expressions surround every aspect of life. The amount of artistic expressions you encounter in a lifetime is called Predestined Art. Predestined Art is art that is destined to shape you. What if this person who watched only one movie in their life so happened to watch the worst movie ever made(i.e. Plan 9 from Outer Space)? How would it shape their identity? Answer: The way art shapes you is up to you. You can repel its message or go into agreement with it. You can’t take back a song after hearing it. You can only adjust your Artistic Identity to it. You can’t take back a movie after watching it. You can only be wise about how it influences your personal artistic expression.

Predestined Art is an umbrella term used to define artistic expressions you encounter in your lifetime. Predestined Art is not art waiting for you in the future. It’s not art waiting for you to engage it. It’s neither in the past or the future. It is a lifetime of collected expression. You have the right to be shaped by it in a positive or negative way.

Observe yourself. Are you drawn to a particular genre of music, painting, film, dance, architecture? Perhaps you admire a particular generation’s artistic influence. It could be from the 1800s or ancient Egyptian art. The fact is you’re attracted to artistic expression other than your own. You’re compelled to admonish other works of art. Why?

i am convinced it’s because of an inherent spirit-craving. i believe this artistic craving begins at birth. Your spirit hungers for art. Your Artistic Identity is shaped by the art you consume. You were designed to crave a particular type of art. Whether you crave poetry, film, dance, painting, sculpting, acting, architecture, etc., the fact is you must satisfy this hunger. Daily choices feed your Artistic Identity. It’s kind of like always wanting to be around a particular person because they make you feel more like you. You may telephone that person. You may desire to hang around that person more and more. You intentionally seek the presence of that person. The more you hang around a particular art, the more you become you!

You may be attracted to a particular art form. Whether painting, music, poetry, dance, filmmaking, photography, singing, sculpting, praying, acting –  you prefer one of these over the other. You crave one of these categories of art over the others. Since you take pride in what you do and what you love as an artist, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you choose to add to your favorite artistic expression. It’s random or rare that you taste other art forms. And if you expand your taste, your art-buds aren’t the type to continuously crave the new flavor. Great artists master their craft. Few artists, such as Michaelangelo, master many.

Art is contagious. Artistic expressions expand from one sphere of influence into another. The more you learn one area of art, the more interesting become other forms of art. Let me explain this differently. When i was 20 years old, i heard “Strawberry Fields Forever” by the Beatles. After that song, i wanted to hear every Beatles’ song. This soon led me to learning the guitar. In a matter of months, i went from being a listener to being a musician, songwriter, singer, etc. Combining art forms into your Artistic Identity may result in creativity influencing creativity.

Year after year, you may be attracted to the same arena of art. Is it for comfort reasons you re-attach yourself to the same art form? i don’t think so. You’re designed to crave a particular art form. Diligently pursue what your spirit craves. Or else you will have avoided your Artistic Identity. You’re specifically designed by God to crave an artistic art form. Your craving is not yours but His through you.

You’re intentionally placed at this section of the Timeline. You’re intentionally designed to favor a particular art form. And since you were placed inside this generation, long after certain art movements and within a modern art of the era, it’s only obvious that you’re privileged enough to appreciate art from early mankind up until the present. But this privilege is for one reason only. It’s to usher-in Christ’s return.

Merge the historical Timeline with the world of art. You end up with a museum stretching as far back as Adam and Eve. The Timeline is the historical art museum. And you get to share in the gallery of Timeline Art. The world’s most coveted art can be viewed in a book costing less than $20. You can buy the history of art. Realize the privilege of being born on the latter part of the Timeline. It’s an honor to be placed here and now!

Another honor is being born on this side of Calvary. Psalm 139 speaks about how God placed you at this particular section in history. We were born after Jesus died at Calvary. We live in the age when the Holy Spirit is more active in humanity than ever in history. When compared to others who came before us, we were placed one step closer to Jesus’ return.

You have an obligation to your generation. You’re obligated to use inspiration gathered from Predestined Art to widen the pathway for Christ’s return to earth. Jesus wants us to participate in His return. As Jesus entered Jerusalem, people placed palm branches before His path. Some people even shouted “Hosanna”. This is the way i see art’s purpose. Let’s prepare the earth for Jesus by decorating it with art that He’ll adore. Let’s decorate the earth with art that will honor a King. Let’s give our best to the one who sacrificed Himself to save us. As we lavish the earth with Kingdom Art, we’ll cause Jesus to draw closer. We can do this by fulfilling our Artistic Identity.

We must pave the way for Christ’s triumphal entry into the new Jerusalem. In doing so, you won’t feel the pressure to know who’ll be the latest culture craze in the art world. You don’t have to hear every rock n’roll song, or see every play, or watch every film. No! The art you’ve encountered is enough inspiration to fuel your Imagination, stir your Spirit and activate your Mind. Your love for Jesus should be transfixed on wanting to glorify Him so much that you associate His love with your Artistic Identity. And when you merge both love for Jesus and Predestined Art together then you use art to pave the way for His return! And in the process you become the creative being you were meant to be in eternity! It’s heavenly. It’s Kingdom-now mentality. Aspire to achieve your Artistic Identity.